2019 digital eco-system

Here is the time for good resolutions for this new year 2019 !

Your decision is made, this year is yours, the year when you will create your company or boost your business. You've watched almost every possible video on how to double, triple or even do ten at the level of vote turnover? You have probably bought online courses, where you are given generalist theory. You are taught how to create an internet business or how to make an audience. In short, now that you have to go around the question. All you have to do is take action, you have postponed the deadline to 2019. We are there!

Where to start ?

Let's start with the beginning of any business, the customers. Because without them, all marketing and other methods are not used for much. It's an obvious concept, but one that escapes many people. Most begin with the name, the logo, the office, the hardware, the car, ... and after only one tries to find customers!

Customer first

The customer must be at the heart of your strategy, it is by analyzing his problems and needs that you will understand what he needs.

Before finding new customers, why not (re) sell to your current customers, they are already convinced, half of the work is already done.

We are keeping current customers and we are working on the acquisition of new ones. No matter what means you have used so far, it's time to adapt and complete this research by getting prospects where they are several hours a day.

What are the means at your disposal ?

A website !

There are actually two types of sites that have two different functions :

The showcase site which explains that you are the most beautiful, the strongest and you do a work of superior quality, etc.

An Opt-in site, a site that will allow you to create a contact with your visitors, you bring them value, they consider you as an expert and leave you their email in exchange for advice and this is completely normal. You will create a community that will trust you.

An email address is a potential customer !

Before being an entrepreneur, you are a consumer and a customer. You have already downloaded content (ebook, file, etc.) against your email address. That did not bother you at all. You received something that helped you and positioned the person who provided it to you as an expert to whom you could buy something that would solve your problem, if you did not solve it with his advice.

There are obviously a series of steps before you can trigger these sales. But this will be the subject of another article.

Do you win customers with your Facebook and Instagram (pro) accounts ?

Do not confuse subscribers with business. If you have thousands of subscribers who like your paid posts or not. It's cool, but in the end it does not help much.
You are aware that it is possible to sell with social networks or to bring you "leads" (qualified prospects). What to do with these contacts? They will be directed to your website which will convert them into emails and then into customers via wellstructured sales tunnels.
You need to understand how to do it and you want to be accompanied in your approach.

A video converts 4 times more than text !

How many videos do you watch on a day ?
The video will become the absolute means of conversion in the coming years, as much as you put it today.
Our purchases are often emotional. What better than a video of a few seconds to arouse this one. A well thought out scenario, a music and a call to action.
Create a link with your customers through the video, talk with them, explain, show.
Video makes for an incredible thing, to optimize your time. If you sell training for example, you register once and potentially thousands of people can buy this training. It's awesome !

Automate a maximum !

There are tools that can create automatic email sequences from an email, depending on the reaction or inaction of your lead. We then speak of sales tunnels (examples: Clickfunnels, Leadpages, ...) and autoresponders (examples: getresponse, mailchimp, ...)
The goal is to give your future customer information and content that will lead them to buy a product or service.

A management and analysis system

Are you ready to help, manage and analyze your new customers ?
Your current software, if you had one, is it designed to develop and run your business or just to manage and put numbers in boxes?
The question to ask yourself in the end is whether you want to entrust software that requires significant manual encoding (high risk of errors) the future of your company.

Innovate and adapt

The needs and behaviors of your current and future customers change from year to year. Whatever your business, digital can help you turn your local business into a global business. If you automate a large portion of your customer acquisitions and have a system to make real-time decisions, such as mobile tools, then you're ready to steer your business.

It has never been easier to create and boost your business today. You still have to dare to change.
You can obviously work with several companies that will probably do an acceptable job but the success lies in the establishment of a DIGITAL ECO-SYSTEM capable of starting from the client (loyalty, acquisition), the optimization of tasks via tools first thought mobile and finally a software able to manage, analyze and develop your business.