What is digital transformation ?

If you are business leader, you have probably asked yourself this question at least once in recent months! What is digital transformation?

An important precision, in digital transformation, there is digital and transformation.

Digitization is digitizing what exists. It is transforming paper procedures into online processes. In fact nothing really changes, it's another way of working.

Transformation is a change, a modification or an evolution of the business model that will bring new opportunities.So, if you have a physical store and you want to have an e-commerce, it's digitalization.

On the other hand, changing your way to sale with a subscription model, for example through technology, it's transformation.

So what do we do ? We digitalize first ?

This is certainly the first question to ask. Some companies have yet to focus on the subject. Going through an intermediate step allows to be pragmatic and, moreover, to use this step as a first lever of learning and acculturation. For the rest, if we look at the companies that went directly to the transformation,it is usually because they already had an excellent level of digitalization.

Whatsoever, no business has completed its transformation.