What is the price of a mobile application ?

This is a relatively common question, even before knowing exactly what customers want, they are practically asking the price of an app on the first appointment.

Imagine going to a construction contractor and asking him before you even explained your needs, how much does the house cost? The more complex a house is and the higher the price, it is the exact same principle.
On average, a simple application varies between fifteen and twenty thousand euros. It is a price range that is often revised upwards because the possibilities are enormous and the end customers are more and more demanding.
It is better to sell a basic product to accustom customers, control the budget and evolve gradually according to the demands and needs of society.
An application that is too complicated has almost no chance of being accepted by the majority of users.
The reason why it is difficult to determine the cost of a mobile app in general is that each project is different.

EXPER.DIGITAL does not only develop solutions. Our approach aims to develop a sensible project that will contribute to the development of your company, institution or association. In this vein, we believe that technology around mobile applications requires support prior to the establishment of specifications, for example. This expertise is, in our opinion, a necessary first step so that your expectations are in line with the performances that a mobile application integrated in a global project can offer.