Why mobile and why today?

Mobile applications are becoming more and more used and the evolution is in perpetual growth.
Today, applications leave autonomous platforms and are embedded in mobile strategies.

It is no longer conceivable nowadays to have one or more applications just because it is nice. The impact of Mobile has been recognized as an essential part of the business.
Until a few years ago, most companies were developing their application (usually by hiring people who "learned" to create an application in-house) and then making it known through traditional marketing channels. However, today this DIY does not work anymore.
In 2015, the number of people using mobile surpassed that of desktop users. This increase in use has earned 2015 the name of "Mobile Year".

Why mobile and why now?

Some mobile experts claim that we should call this the "mobile age" rather than choosing a specific year. But no matter, customers demand and expect a mobile app to be a major point of contact between them, their businesses and their favorite brands.

Customers prefer to interact with brands in a mobile environment rather than other channels. Employees of a company also prefer to communicate and share with their colleagues a familiar mobile environment. So, if your mobile presence is not established, your customers will look for a more intuitive mobile experience with one of your competitors.

Mobile marketing

It is not enough to have a mobile strategy in place to shout victory yet must understand the new marketing approach.


Focus KPI

Focus on key performance indicators specific to the application market Your goals must always be specific, measurable, realistic, and so on.


Your application deserves resources

Customers often undervalue mobile advertising. They spend only a small percentage of their marketing budget (sometimes -1%). While we should spend more, up to 10%, of our mobile marketing budgets.
Planify the budget that will be used. Not only must your app's ads and promotions be creative and engaging to consumers, but they must also be permanent. Without planning your budget accordingly, you could run out of fuel (euros). Your goal should be to maintain the visibility of your application in target markets all year round.


Entrust expert

Mobile marketing is a different battleground with a new set of expertise related to technology. Even digital marketers are not always well aware of the challenges mobile is facing.
A mobile strategy is conceived from the beginning, yet it is necessary to invest in it. If you are not convinced, your customers are, so react!


Mobile App = User Experience

LToday's consumers are looking for the simplest possible experiences. The application will simplify users' lives and will not focus on anything the application can do.

It is clear at this stage that mobile is an essential element of the success of our businesses. So, we have to go beyond the mentality of having an application to get one and for cheap.
The best companies of the future will be those that will be ready to do everything and devote the time, effort and costs necessary to understand and develop this extremely unexplored environment.