5 steps to create a great blog post

Having a blog on your website is not absolutly necessary. But it will definitely be a plus for your business, it's one of the best marketing tools.

A blog contains articles that talk about the news, or things that interest your readers and that they need.

Writing an article may seem scary, but in reality it is not so complicated. If you are motivated, it will allow you to exteriorize what you want to say, to be more organized in your thoughts. Writing very good articles will take time, but everyone starts somewhere. We suggest you start by following these steps.


Find a post idea

The mission of the blog is to give information to readers. The goal is not to copy everything else, but to talk about personal experience. It is better to talk about a subject that is not unknown to you and that is important to you, but also about what readers need at this time. Look for the most common problems now: do they want to know how much does a mobile application cost? Make an article on the subject.

There are different types of articles, so you will need to choose which one best fits your theme. For this article, for example, we used a list of steps.


Find your target

Now that you have chosen your theme, think about your target. Which people will be interested in your article? Depending on the answer, you have to write your article differently.

For example, Exper.digital will not do the same blog posts as a health and fitness blogger, or a blogger who travels around the world. Think about what type of readers you are talking to.


The title

The title is the most important element of your article. It must be concise, specific and honest. Do not propose in your title something that will not be explained in your article. Even if the title is catchy and users click, if they are not convinced by your article, it will be negative for you.

You can ask a question, for example"Why mobile and why today?"

After writing your title, ask yourself: would you click on it? If not, find another one. It is better to make a list of titles, and proceed by elimination. Always put yourself in the reader's place.


The writing

First write what you think. Without a layout, take a text editor and write everything you want to talk about in your article. Then, search the Internet for what to complete your text: data or quotes for example.

If you are not sure whether information is correct, do not write it. It's better to say less and be sure it's true.

Keep it simple: do not add dozens of details to make your point. The reader must feel confident, and for that you must look confident. do not use too many technical terms, the article should be understandable even for a person who is not familiar with the subject.


Correction and layout

Put order in your text. Separate paragraphs, they should not be too long or the reader could be bored. Group similar ideas. Try to add subtitles between paragraphs, this will allow the user to see the outline of the article, or go directly to the point that interests him.

You will also need to think about the layout. You can use images and white space for your article to breathe. A big block of text does not make anyone want to read it.

Have your article corrected by someone. Even if you are good at spelling and grammar, it is better to be re-read (by different people, it's even better!) And to use correction tools.

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