The benefits of emailing for your business

Emails play an important role in our lives as people, professionals and even consumers. At present, more than half of the Earth's population has an email address. This represents an incredible opportunity for companies to reach their audience. If email marketing allows you to reach a large number of people, it also allows you to divide your audience to send him information that will really interest him. Email Marketing also makes it possible to measure the impact of each message sent and thus easily identify what works and what does not work.

Still not convinced of the effectiveness of emailing ? Here are 6 reasons that prove you need it for your business.

Emailing is a cheap tool
No matter the size of your business, if you can save on your marketing budget by maximizing its efficiency, why deprive yourself?
If conventional communication media such as TV and radio are very expensive, emailing costs almost nothing. However, it offers a very good return on investment. In the United States, $ 1 spent on emailing will pay an average of $ 44 to the company. This is the cheapest medium at the moment.

Incredible efficiency
If social networks are very important in terms of communication, emailing is even more effective! Social networks are great for interacting with your audience and strengthening your relationship with them. But when it's time to convert Internet users into members, buyers or supporters, emailing is the media of the situation.

A personalized message
In the digital age, consumers want a personalized customer experience. Rather than receiving the same advertising message as everyone else, they are more sensitive to a personal message.
With emailing, it's easy to personalize your ads. By using the data collected on your audience, you can write personalized messages to them easily, by mentioning their name for example. This data collection will also allow you to segment your audience into different groups and to deliver a message tailored to each one.

Encourage action
It is more likely that your target makes a purchase if they feel an involvement with your brand. This is why opening an email, and then responding to a call to action placed in it, there is more chance that a purchase is made.
In addition, by receiving emails regularly from you, your audience will build a relationship of trust with you and will therefore be more inclined to purchase over the long term.

Charm mobile users
With the trend of smartphones, we could believe that we must abandon the email for the benefit of social networks... Not at all! 90% of people who have a smartphone use it to open their emails. It is therefore important to adapt the format of your emails to mobile screens in order to make the most of their efficiency!

Analyze the results
Unlike print or a classic TV spot, it is quite possible to analyze the results obtained by an email. (Thanks to the rate of opening, clicks, etc.). This allows you to adapt your strategy and message constantly until you achieve your marketing objectives!

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