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Pour le projet, FollowAnalytics a capitalisé sur la plateforme existante, en lui amenant des fonctionnalités natives comme ses outils analytiques, les notifications et l'authentification. La mise en oeuvre s'est' déroulée en deux étapes: tout d'abord, en septembre 2019 l'équipe' a refondu le site web afin de le rendre plus attractif et responsive, une phase qui s'est' étalée sur environ trois mois. Ensuite, quatre semaines supplémentaires ont suffi pour développer l'application' mobile, à l'aide' de la solution Build de l'éditeur.
How to build your own in-app template? Follow Analytics Help Center.
Our dev portal will teach you how to build your own in-app templates. Note: From our documentation you can also access the code of the in-apps you may find in our in-app gallery. Please note that modifying an existing in-app or creating a new one will require HTML/CSS skills. Once your in-app is ready, you can then zip it and upload it on the platform. While creating your in-app template from scratch, the only KPI FollowAnalytics will track by default is the display of the in-app.
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Know each of your mobile customers, personally. FollowAnalytics provides the broadest set of analytics to enable you to make data-driven decisions about your campaigns. Beautiful visualizations and dashboards provide at-a-glance intelligence. Easy connectivity into your back-end systems allows 360 view of your customer. Real-time reporting shows up-to-the-minute usage, funnel, event flow and crash analytics. Provide compelling content at the right time and in the right context. Easy to build campaigns ensure you are reaching your users with relevant information in the most effective way possible. Intuitive campaign builder makes it easy to build and launch campaigns.
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Sign-up now to build, manage and optimize your digital marketing stack. Sign in with LinkedIn. Sign in with LinkedIn. Compare To Drawer To Stack Contact Vendor. Connect with FollowAnalytics. More Like This. Marketing Function Customer Engagement and Retention, Metrics and Insights.
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FollowAnalytics clients can build their own in-app templates, so that brand identity is reflected in mobile communications. The Release Notes section is here to keep you updated on all FollowAnalytics feature updates. Check the troubleshooting sections of each main SDK.
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They wanted a full ecommerce mobile app, and we built it using our platform in less than three weeks. In fact, its so fast and so easy to build high-quality mobile apps using FollowAnalytics Build that our sales reps will often build a 90%-complete retail app for possible customers just before a sales meeting.
Submit a Ticket Branch Dashboard Branch University Log In Submit a Ticket Branch Dashboard Branch University Log In. Integrate FollowAnalytics with Data Feeds. Branch is excited to partner with FollowAnalytics as one of our Data Integrations Partners. The FollowAnalytics Data Feeds integration follows our standard guide.
ChargeBox - Blog - Build, une solution bluffante pour les retailers traditionnels.
Naëlle Hadji-Bormann, FollowAnalytics: Avec Build, les retailers nauront plus à choisir entre boutique, site web et application. FollowAnalytics dévoile BUILD, une solution permettant aux retailers disposant déjà dun site responsive, de lancer une application pour smartphones. En quelques semaines ils obtiennent une véritable application, entièrement personnalisable, et proposant les fonctionnalités les plus avancées en matière danalytics et dengagement avec les utilisateurs.
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